QM0470 - Mounted Electric Broadcast Spreader




Broadcast spreaders cut down on the number of passes necessary to fully cover your lawn due to their wide distribution pattern (3 Meters or more). Because of their random distribution pattern, over-fertilizing and under-fertilizing are reduced. The long lasting non-metallic - closure plate insures proper operation and resists corrosion.


  • Non rust hopper 30kg capacity.
  • ATV, tractor or Bakkie mounted.
  • Driven by 12 volt sealed electric motor.
  • Up to 7m spread width
  • Insulated on/off switch.
  • Adjustable gate for accurate flow control.
  • Supplied with universal mounting brackets.


  • Spreading granular fertilizers.
  • Spreading slug/snail pellets.
  • Spreading seed and seed/sand mixes.
  • Spreading rodent pellets.
  • NOT suitable for lime.

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